A packaged software solution that integrates information and processes across the enterprise and provides a common link between traditional functions in real-time information environment.

ERP software covers the needs for small, medium and large industries for all sections such as Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Material management, QA, Finance, Accounts and HR.

ERP Software Solution is a cost effective package for industries which can be easily implemented with minimum resources.

ERP solution is specially designed for SME industries and hence all terminology, menu and reports designed would be suitable for SME industries to shape up the organization with all benefits of best prevailing business practice & standard automatically.

Considering limited resources in the form of available IT infrastructure and tech savvy manpower, ERP software is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use with simple GUI screen and can be managed with single or multiple computers in network with user based security restriction.

In following segments, foundries can be benefited by ERP solutions:

  • Production Planning Control
  • Marketing Department
  • Pattern Shop
  • Molding Shop
  • Fettling Shop
  • Dispatch
  • Material Testing
  • Attendance and Wages Calculation
  • Store department
Educational Management Software

Nordia Educational Software works with your current systems and leverages existing technology. It centralizes the data and automates routing administrative functions.

Nordia Educational Software is more than just another technology solution - it is an educational system that will improve the way school is managed. It helps the institutions to get a wide range of detailed and summarized information of administrative, academic, management and accounting departments. All the information stored in centralized server can be shared with the parents through a Dynamic Web Portal, telephone using interactive SMS to mobile phones. This way, the students' fees status, attendance, exam results, home assignments and many such information can be communicated. This software reduces significant amount of paper work and complex student evaluations.

Nordia Educational Software is truly role based software with individual dashboards for Parents, Staff Members, and Management enabling users to have all the relevant information and communication at a single place.

3D & Gaming

Our 3D division consists of young, talented graphic designers who create high quality graphics in following categories:

2D & 3D graphics

2D & 3D animations

Flash applications

Graphics and animations are created for cinematography, previsualization, computer games, architectural workshops, advertisement, multimedia presentations and visualisation of event graphics.

Nordia specializes in creating 3D Interactive virtual environments that are useful for:

  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Training
  • Games etc

We have the experience of creating 2D Games and 3D Games. We also develop Games for iPhones.

The Games are played in any one of the following platforms

  • Browser
  • Windows OS
  • Mobile phones

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